It’s Easy to Scrap Your Car in Wiltshire

Williams Metal Recycling, based in Pewsey, collects defunct and damaged scrap vehicles for recycling across the county of Wiltshire, from Swindon to Salisbury and everywhere inbetween, taking care of the paperwork and giving you a fair price.

While we do make the procedure of scrapping a vehicle as simple and hassle-free as possible, we do need some input from you, and inevitably you will have questions to ask us. Below you’ll find all the information you need to proceed if you have a vehicle to dispose of. If we’ve left anything out, just give us a call with your queries.


We need to know if the car to be scrapped starts and can be driven or not.

It does not matter either way as we are able to remove a car in any condition. If the car to be scrapped runs but has failed its MOT, we need to know the reason why.

Is the faulty car in one piece?

Are all the wheels attached? Are any of the tyres flat?


Is the vehicle to be scrapped parked in a place where our recovery vehicle can access it?

If the scrap car has been in an accident or is accident damaged, was it written off by your insurer?

and has it been recorded by your insurance provider as an accident damaged scrap car?

Police Involvement.

If the car has been involved in an accident, been vandalised, stolen and recovered by the police or has been involved in any other criminal activity, are the police satisfied that the scrap car can be removed and destroyed?

The Process of Scrapping Your Car

Gather up the documents you’ll need.

The vehicle’s DVLA V5 Log Book and two forms of personal ID.

Fill in the “Get Your Quote” form online so we can work out how much your scrap car is worth OR Contact Williams Metal Recycling Services.

We’ll ask you some questions about the vehicle, give you a quotation and arrange a collection date and time from your chosen location.

That's It.

A hassle-free process. If you want to know more see our FAQs about scrapping a car below.


How Can I arrange collection of my scrap vehicle?


Give us a call on 01672 562 234 or fill in the “Get Your Quote” form here online. We’ll respond by asking some questions about the vehicle, make you an offer, and if you’re happy arrange a collection date, time and place. We’ll need to know if the car has been in an accident or involved in a crime, if it has been written off by your insurer, whether it is intact, has a current MOT, and is drivable. This is purely for our information – we collect cars in any condition.


What documents do I need for you to collect my scrap vehicle?


The vehicle’s DVLA V5 Log Book, and two forms of personal ID.


How Should I Prepare my Scrap Vehicle for Collection?


Make sure you have cleared any rubbish or personal items out of the vehicle. Obviously, the car needs to be accessible for our recovery vehicle (if it’s not we can discuss options with you).


When will I get paid for my scrap vehicle?


Our Recovery driver will pay you straight away on collection. Please note it is illegal to pay cash for scrap metal, so we will agree another form of payment.


Do You Notify the Authorities about the scrapping of my vehicle?


No, it is the keeper’s responsibility to notify the DVLA about the vehicle’s destruction. Our driver will fill out the yellow slip in the vehicle log book when we collect the vehicle, and you will need to sign it and send it to the DVLA. You can also do the notification online via the DVLA website using the 11-digit reference number on the yellow slip. The DVLA will then in due course send you confirmation that the scrapped vehicle is no longer your responsibility.


Do you need the car keys to remove a vehicle for scrap?


Yes, we do need to gain access to the vehicle in order to load it up for removal to a recycling facility. If you don’t have the keys let us know at the time of booking the removal so we can bring the appropriate tools to open the vehicle when we come and collect it.


Is Williams Metal Recycling a registered vehicle scrapping company.


Yes, we are a fully licensed waste carrier with the UK Environment Agency, and a DVLA Authorised Treatment Facility for the recovery and treatment of End of Life Vehicles.


What kind of vehicles will you take away for scrap?


We collect just about anything that moves. To give you an idea, we’ll take lorries, ex-military vehicles, steel river boats, railway stock, tractors, forklifts and ambulances. If you’d like to make sure we can remove and recycle your scrap vehicle, contact us with the details.

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